Abemba nimbala mukwasu


Rupiah Banda

There was panic at Amos Chanda’s house yesterday when Anti corruption commission and state police went to search his house said to be proceeds of crime.

Our highly placed source from among Lungu’s body guard said that Lungu after being advised by Rupiah Banda to get rid of all Bembas from key positions in government he ordered that Amos Chanda who is his Press Secretary have his house searched.

“The Boss (Lungu) at first asked Amos that is there anything you are hiding at your house and don’t want to tell me”? Said our source.

“And Amos said that there is nothing he was hiding and that is how the Boss said ACC and police were going to search his house”, said our source.

“Meanwhile the investigating wings went ahead to search his house and found things that I can’t tell you for now”, added our source.

He however says illegal president Edgar Chakolwa Lungu had a lengthy chat with Rupiah Banda at Dora Siliya’s house at which it was agreed that Amos Chanda must be dropped and either Dickson Jere or Richard Sakala both from Eastern should be appointed as Lungu’s Press secretary.

Mukwasu, abemba niba mambala, bekakutabe weo, lomba chili kuliwe, said Rupiah Banda.

And our source says the reason why Lungu allowed investigators to search Amos Chanda’s house is to find a fault and later fire him for the same.

“But you Amos worked with Sata at some point but was only sent to UK after he begun fighting Sata’s Press Secretary George Chella but even then Rupiah Banda hated him because he really covered Sata”, added our source.

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