Chilufya Tayali’s pathological hate for HH



A pathological situation of any person is described as a condition that is extreme in a way that “is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem” towards a subject.

This particular individual with such a condition would create a myth as an excuse to carry out certain dark passions, to achieve certain objectives and motives that his bizarre mind creates.

In his delusions he will convince himself that his objectives and reasons to carry out such evil tasks are sacred, sacrosanct, true and are a service to an ‘endangered’culture,ideology, beliefs or set of traditions.

Hitler and the NAZIS found an excuse to ostracise the Jewish people by laying claims that they were responsible for Germany’s loss of the 2nd World War and the prevailing economic crisis of that period. All this was of course totally untrue and unfounded.

But by giving the Jews the blame, Hitler successfully created an enemy in the minds of the people and they believed him. His hate for the Jews was not anything Hitler made efforts to disguise, it was a centre piece of his warped philosophy.

Over time Chilufya Tayali has unsuccessfully attempted to alienate HH from the truth and fair facts. He has tried to brand and package Hakainde as the enemy within through outrageous claims from selling the mines to being a satanist a tribalist and egocentric. All the above without any proven facts.

Tayali hate has been traced to his intense dislike for Tongas and HH who happens to be Tonga is just a scapegoat.

Chilufya Tayali seems to be from the school of thought whose philosophy is that Zambian political power must only lie in the Northern Eastern block of the country.

Disciples of such ethnic beliefs, hate HH because they ironically see him to be the real first level threat and most credible challenger of the Bemba hegemonic domination, of the last half century of Zambian political history. If you like, Chilufya Tayali is much like the American Tea Party birther, Sara Palin.

Obama’s Presidency united and galvanised the centrists and far rightists in ensuring that the philosophy of diversity that is devoid of race religion, gender National origin which President Obama and the Democrats promoted, is stopped in its tracks through the ascendancy of Trump to the White House.

Chilufya Tayali who has a criminal history of rape and is known to be a systematic serial alms seeker and beggar is no stranger to all shades of bizarre controversy.

During the last election he used his Facebook page to beg for money and extend a marriage propasal to Lungu’s daughter Tasila. Tayali a bachelor readily admits that he occasionally at night hosts a hoarde of prostitutes at his flat for ‘counselling’ and entertainment, in order to ease their burdens and ‘misery’. He uses this to beg for more money from donors.

It’s not whether Chilufya Tayali is worthy an analysis such as above, but it’s because certain quarters have hired him as an attack dog to drive a certain evil agenda whose casualties and victims will be his grandchildren.



One Comment on “Chilufya Tayali’s pathological hate for HH”

  1. vicsean
    December 23, 2016 at 12:57 pm #

    His a very sick patient who does not only need to be admitted to the Chinanama mental patients block,but also completely strapped in a strap jacket.


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