Claims by Tayali of DISMISSALS of Kaizer Zulu and Amos Chanda denied by PF:





We wish to bring it to the attention of the public that Chilufya Tayali is a deranged character whose lunacy has now taken to dangerous levels.

As responsible citizens, we took the liberty of contacting Boss Amos Chanda, President Lungu’s Press Aide and Mr Kaizar Zulu both of whom Tayali alleged had been searched by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and both have revealed that no such raid ever took place.

After all his ridicule and unfounded allegations against the Advisor to the President and the Presidential Spokesperson, we are now left with the only logical conclusion which is that Tayali’s illness which is certified bipolar has gotten worse.

The failed Civil rights activist turned cheap Politician who not only failed to represent the people he pretends to speak for is not only a thief who is on record as having defrauded several unsuspecting members of the society off thousands of Kwacha in the name of civic duty but is a rapist and a defiler who was charged and jailed for the offence.

We also know that Tayali has hunger issues and hoped to get a job after the elections simply because he wrote one or two articles in favour of the ruling Patriotic Front in the 11 August elections.

What he did not know was that the PF is a fully functioning Political Party complete with a competent Media team which does it’s own PR and did not need Tayali’s cheap writeups to validate it.

We have it on good authority that upon realising that he wasn’t going to get a job from PF, he then went on a mission to rubbish it with the President and his Aids being the biggest target of his malice.

Tayali has no job and no fixed income and makes a living off the few handouts given to him by unsuspecting people. He pretends to be advocating for a better Zambia when in essence he is just a retard and an imbecile who has no moral fibre in his being.

He is obviously living in a World where he is failing to differentiate fact from fiction. If he couldn’t understand when a girl said no to his sexual advances and forced himself on her, is it any surprise that he is in his bitterness cooking up stories against the Presidential Spokesperson and Political Advisor to the President?

We want to advise Tayali to seek medical help before he lands himself in an institution for the criminally insane.

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