If PF will be divided on the basis of treating old and new members equally then am sorry-Lungu

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has charged that if old members will only stay if treated as kings and queens then he will have no option but to ask them to leave the party.
“Old members who feel are more PF than others will leave PF soon because we wont tolerate indiscipline. At many times we have advised old members to embrace new members because politics is all about numbers”, said Lungu.
“We are one whether new or old so there is no way some people would claim they are more superior than others. We all [PF members] belong to one political party in fact we are brothers and sisters in ba Sata and should emulate his spirit of co-operation”, Lungu stated.
President Lungu has charged that PF old members who want to have special treatment are in a wrong party citing that there is no room for any kind of segregation in his party [PF].
“You are in a wrong party a party that does not condone segregation because PF is a party for all Zambians and not only few individuals. We will treat PF members whether new or old same those who don’t want must leave”, said Lungu.
President Edgar Lungu has castigated some PF old members of not being appreciative adding that the same new members that they are against today are the ones that greatly contributed a lot to PF`s victory in both 2015 and 2016 presidential polls.
“They are not just being fair to their fellow members because the same people they want to accord less opportunities in the party are the same people that made it easy for us to win 2015 and 2016 elections. Without their efforts we couldn’t have won these elections because some people were not even with us, they wanted us to fail”, charged Lungu.

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