Malawi Prophet in ‘holy sex’ Scandal


Malawi court slaps ‘Prophet’ 14-year jail term for raping sister-in-law: Claimed it was ‘holy sex’

First Grade Magistrate, Ranwell Mangazi on Tuesday sentenced Billy Chikapa after establishing that on several occasions he had been forcing his in-law into sexual intercourse.

The court learnt that since May 2011 Chikapa has been deceiving his in-law that God had instructed him to do the unlawful practice.

“He told me that God had instructed him to have sex with me and that if I tell anyone God will be angry with me and will strike me dead,” the victim told the jam packed court.

She said she was afraid of dying hence she succumbed to Chikapa’s demands.

The victim said in September this year the convict was not pleased with his father in-law who took his daughter away from Chikapa’s house in Neno to Thambani.

Surprisingly Chikapa reported to Thambani police that his father in-law was interfering in his family matters.

Thambani police later arrested Chikapa after establishing that he has been raping his in-laws.

Source: Nyasa Times.

One Comment on “Malawi Prophet in ‘holy sex’ Scandal”

  1. Bm
    December 23, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    Sad story,that’s a good idea for the court to arrest such culprit.


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