PF Minister Joyce was wrong over horse 🐴 shoe pub.


The horse Shoe Pub

An investigation carried out by the Human Rights Commission has revealed that there are widespread human rights and labour abuse at Lusaka’s Horse Shoe restaurant.
According to the report dated 22 December 2016 obtained in Lusaka, the Commission found that management at Horse Shoe uses insulting language against the workers including <b>F</b>*k you, you rat, rotten eggs and idiots.

The report which was addressed to Ms Mika Mwambazi, the lady who first reported the incident also revealed that workers complained about the poor conditions of service under which they worked.

The workers said management makes unlawful deductions of their wages ranging from K 100 to K150 without any reasonable or lawful cause.

The investigations found that the said deductions were not stipulated anywhere but were arbitrary imposed on workers for late reporting, alleged failure to prepare food to meet certain standard among other reasons.

It said sometimes the mistake of one worker would result in the whole section or those working in the affected area suffering salary deductions.

The workers lamented that the said deductions left them with very little money to take home.

The workers also complained of inadequate transport allowance which ranged from between K3 to K10 saying it was insignificant to meet the cost of transportation.

The investigations by the Commission runs contrary to what Labour Minister Joyce Nonde Simukoko revealed during a news conference held at Horse Shoe to the effect that there are no human rights and labour abuses at the posh restaurant.

Mrs Nonde Simukoko’s sentiments have since drawn with spread condemnation from a wide section of society with some calling for her resignation.

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