The downfall of Richard Sakala



This is a man who is said to have been a pioneer Presidential spokesman of one of Zambia’s flamboyant and maverick Head of State, Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba.

Richard Sakala made his mark and shaped a previously unknown office of State House spokesman and charted a course with which his predecessors like Amos have since abused.

Richard was perhaps the best of his kind and I doubt whether his legacy in that office has really been challenged until now when he has become an idiot under his Toilet tissue ‘The Daily Nothing’.

He has reduced himself to a pitiful and gullible goon to an extent where his paper can photo shop and twist the truth for political expediency.

He must really feel ashamed that a professional like him would go to such desperate depths of gutter journalism and make himself a complete idiot in front of young people that looked to him for inspiration and guidance.

Richard Sakala also known as “Tricky Dicky” has tasted jail and is now a fraud and a charlatan.

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