Transformation of state house into a centre of corruption and contracts.





The United Progressive People (UPP) has received credible reports on how State House has been transformed into a centre for the award of public contracts without following tender procedures.

We have a list of contracts that have been awarded over the years without the involvement of procurement committees of some of the affected ministries. This explains the construction of mansions (locally and internationally) and repatriation of huge amounts into offshore accounts by senior public officers at State House.

The ongoing systematic firing of those suspected to be leaking information is not the solution. The solution lies in stopping the rot and focus on the building of a Zambia in which there is dignity and justice for all.

What is shocking to us is that the major culprits who must be fired are being left out just because they come from the villages that appointing authorities come from. There should not be sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

The systematic annihilation of other tribes has also been extended to other ministries and public agencies. A threat on one tribe is a threat on all. We must all stand up and expose the ongoing silent crusade.

The maize scams are just a tip of an iceberg on what is happening in government. The private sector is in total shambles all because the criminals in government are awarding themselves all the lucrative contracts for the works that are never done. The Auditor General’s reports have now become a waste of public resources because culprits are at the centre of power.

The UPP- led Government will take the implementation of all government programes to counties so that the destiny of each district can be put in the local power structures. We cannot continue to trust politicians who have concentrated power at the top for looting.

State House is the symbol of national honor and we urge President Edgar Lungu to remember where he has come from and decide to put the interests of all Zambians first.

The ongoing scheme of silencing dissidents by using hired elements from some nations we know shall not work. God has arisen from His holy dwellings and He will frustrate such outdated and despotic methods of dealing with those who expose the wrongs.

God bless Zambia!

Saviour Chishimba


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