KBF must tell the nation the honest truth.

Democracy is the foundation and bedrock of any civilized Nation on earth. It’s economic and social advancement is anchored on the free will of the people to choose who they want as their leaders.

Once Democracy’s cycle is attacked in its embryonic stage or at whatever stage, Great Nations are awakened and questions are asked, solutions found and culprits made to account.

That’s why there’s a currently a bipartisan stance in the US to investigate how the Russians are said to have influenced the outcome of the recent election that saw Donald Trump win.

The Americans know too well that an attack on their Democracy is an attack on their cherished and shared values and ultimately on their survival as the greatest Nation on earth.

KBF owes every Zambian an answer on how he helped manipulate the Zambian Presidential election that Lungu ‘won’.

Chavula who was caught red handed in the most guarded facility at the ECZ server room, was traced to KBF.

The Concourt judges who ruled not to hear the petition were linked to KBF.

Fube who is related to Priscilla Isaacs was promised the Justice portfolio by Lungu but the latter instead gave it to Given Lubinda who is related to Inonge Wina and has no idea of law.

If Zambians gleefully scoff and laugh off this kind of robbery and manipulation of our electoral and judicial systems by institutionalized thugs and crooks like KBF, posterity will harshly judge this generation. We deserve the honest truth from Fube now that he’s out of the system.

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