UPND MPs apologized under duress

Reports that UPND MPs apologized to the speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini, are half truths and do not effectively reflect what actually transpired on the ground.

The facts of the matter are that the UPND including all the 57 Members of parliament do not recognize the presidency of Edgar Lungu as his presidency has been petitioned and the matter is still before the courts of law.

The UPND MP’s only apologized to foil a well orchestrated plan by the PF to use the Speaker to expel all UPND MPs that had walked out of Parliament.

Failure to do this would have led to dire consequences and would have also given the PF leeway to enforce a one party state, a goal they seek vehemently.

All concerned need to take cognisance of the fact that current Speaker, Patrick Matibini, a of a questionable character in the way he has ever presided over the house.

This is the man who kept quiet and paid a blind eye when the constitution asked him to take over the reigns of governance when the UPND instituted the Presidential petition before the Constitutional Court as provided for in the amended constitution.

Matibini’s appointment by Edgar Lungu as Speaker was just a clear indication that he was being thanked for not doing what was constitutionally required of him and thus allowed Edgar Lungu to contentiously stay in as Head of State during the petition.

To enforce this audacious scheme, Matibini firstly meted out a punishment to our MPs. The second phase of the plan was to expel the MPs if they refused to comply to the first punishment.

This would have led to a catastrophic situation because it would have meant by-elections in all UPND held seats.
Therefore, the UPND Chief Whip, Hon Gary Nkombo did the right thing to apologize to the House.

This was not by any means accepting that the MPs had made a mistake to walk out on Edgar Lungu but it actually brought to a halt an evil plan to expel the UPND MPs.

As consistently as has always been stated that Matibini is a PF stooge and will do anything his paymasters ask of him.

It is good that our MPs saw through this evil and costly plan and instead opted to accept the reprimand and apologize.

It is sad that Matibini has degenerated the office of the Speaker to such a low and partisan level.

This is a man who only didnt violate our constitution, but has continued to allow former Lusaka central MP, Margaret Mwanakatwe, to roam the halls of parliament despite the courts having nullified her election.

Zambians must never forget that Matibini flagrantly allowed the president elect to continue to hold onto the presidency illegally contrary to articles 103 through 104 of the constitution during the duration of the petition. He is not objective and altogether not fit to preside over such an important house whose role determines how government must operate.

It is in order to applaud the highly qualified and fearless gallant UPND MPs, the men and women who have shown thoroughness, in their dealings and have stood firm on the matter of an illegitimate president parliament.

Their cause should never doubted. They have shown high intellect and courage in very trying and difficulty circumstances under a similitude of a parliament under Matibini.

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