Who is Richard Sakala?

Richard Sakala is an ex-convict. He is the man who was the main man on the late Fredrick Titus Chiluba’s Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI). This initiative was to the general public a “good thing”. But behind the scenes Richard Sakala used it to siphon huge sums of money some of which he shared with his late master Chiluba as they looted the country’s housing project.

Richard Saka was untouchable and moved along like a king who shall never walk. It was when clean and adorable Levy Patrick Mwanawasa took over the realms of power that he swept clean the corrupt acts of thieving Richard. Due to so many counts charged against him, Richard succumbed and was finally jailed as a thief.

So Richard Sakala is an ex-convict whose morals are eroded and has no moral fibre. Richard Sakala is now trying very hard to clean his stolen money by fronting a newspaper in Zambia. Richard has a criminal mind and should not be allowed to continue hood winking citizens of his acts. He now has become illegitimate president Lungu’s chief editor and report. He’s the chief reporter for the visionless, careless and failed president ‘Edward’ Lungu

As we all now know Richard Sakala is now the Chief Editor of the Daily Nation. A paper which has been pro PF since Lungu took headship of the PF. It is a paper whose contents are 98% anti opposition.

Sakala is also a Child Molester or Abuser or an OLD man without shame sleeping with under aged girls. Youcan see this from the Sponsored Content from the Zambian Observer

There was drama at Daily Nations Headquarters last week on Monday (12th December 2016) when some two police officers and a complainant visited the Daily Nations Newspaper Editor in Chief Richard Sakala at his officers in Lusaka. Sources at the paper headquarters report that Mr. Sakala could be seen sweating after the two officers threatened arrest him for having slept with a named underage girl.

Workers at the Daily Nations Newspaper confirmed that the Proprietor has been going out with a named underage girl who is still a pupil at a named school in Lusaka since March this year.
Sources say the girl aborted his (Sakala) pregnancy once by the help of Mr. Sakala but unfortunately her mother who is a nurse at UTH, professionally discovered the incident after three months. After interrogating her daughter, she revealed that it was Mr. Sakala who was responsible for her aborted pregnancy.

Police sources who confirmed the incident, disclosed that Mr. Sakala fell in love with the young girl after he noticed her beauty when she was among those pupils who used to visit the paper for an educational programmer earlier this year.
Fearing to be sent back to prison and be embarrassed, Mr. Sakala is reported to have given the father to the abused girl a whopping K55,000 cash and the two police officers walked away with K15,000 each and the matter was closed down with each part promising not to blow the matter to maintain the ‘Editor’s’ public image.
The girl whom Mr. Sakala is going out with has been said to very beautiful and very tempting by some named Daily Nations workers spoken to. “We sympathize with the old man, the young girl is really beautiful and tempting and one would argue she is still 15”, said one source.

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