Zesco and PF – a tale if incompetence

It’s amazing that a Managing Director heading a firm with seven directors fire five of them and remain clean. How possible is it that Victor Mundende remained clean while his five directors were all incompetent useless and of no value.
the other day the ignorant Spokesperson was praising the management of Zesco. Just two weeks back the entire leadership was fired. Kapata wake up from her slumber and started parroting the same news. Zesco leadership together with its head is all rotten and cannot be spared or recused from the happenings at the power utility.
Truth be told. Mundende has really never worked as a generations engineer let alone a power systems engineer. Mundende all his life was banked in Kafue Gorge by all professional MDs coz he was incompetent. Mundende rose to the throne through Madam Kaseba then first lady of Zambia.
Mundende was a close friend to the late young brother to the then first lady Christine kaseba-Sata. Kaseba treated Mundende as her young brother succeeding the demise of her actual blood brother. Mundende then fronted Chitundu as MD and poor late Sata bought the story and appointed Cyprian Chitundu as MD. Mundende then used his ONLY SOLE position of Chief Operations officer to oust Chitundu at the right time. He immediately abolished that position to clear the obvious fear.

Mundende is just a corrupt chap without integrity. He drinks to death with small girls and loiters all around boasting and carrying huge amounts of cash. Recently he has been caught up a scandal purchasing a large number of second hand vehicles at the price of brand new ones. He is also known to have siphoned a lot of vehicles prior to the elections which he used to bribe politicians and Lungu without remorse. Loads of Euro Bond Monies went into the campaign.

Mundende is now building a hotel in the Chilanga District in the quest to clean up illigally gotten monies from the company he is supposed to protect from collapse and enhance its operations.

That’s why it’s amazing that he’s still there sitting as MD when everyone around him is supposedly incompetent and has been fired by him the chief incompetent PF cadre.

The PF MP for Bwana Mkubwa should therefore not even blame Zesco management for the failures and gross incompetence experienced there. This is an indication of how incompetent the PF government is on running the country as a whole. Zesco is a quasi-government and  is supervised directly by the permanent secretary who is also a member of the Board. So Zesco is not running autonomously. The PF MP for Bwana Mkubwa must educate himself on this management arrangement. The level of ignorance in PF is continually amazing.

Next year will be tough for Zambia. Poverty levels will reach at very difficulty and alarming levels. It will take a long time to correct this situation. It disheartening that Lungu and his followers do not show any genuine care for the suffering masses and interest in improving the living conditions of ordinary Zambians. Their interest is to financially line up their pockets and fill tummies at the expense of all Zambians.

The laws of justice always catches up with the corrupt. This is a true saying and so it shall be with this PF corrupt lot. PF should remember that God is a God of justice and he never sleeps. He watches after the poor and eventually all the evil being committed against the sane opposition and ordinary Zambians will catch up with them.

For PF MP for Bwana Mkubwa Chanda who says the massive load-shedding by Zesco is de-campaigning  Edgar Lungu and the ruling party is rich with all ill gotten riches. His statement hits below the belt and exposes both ignorance and lack of understanding, clearly portraying the caliber of leaders PF has brought on board as so called leaders. Power Blame Game  (PBG) is their lame way of passing the buck.

He says:
“How can people stay four days without power in Ndeke township, especially Malasha area and other parts of Ndeke? As a result, people have lost plenty of food items and other perishable goods which have gone bad and to waste in their fridges.” He continued, “People owning small businesses on which their livelihoods depend like barbershops, hair salons and welding shops have had their businesses badly affected as they have made huge losses.” He stated that it had become very difficult for people in places like Ndola to sustain their livelihoods with the massive load-shedding.

Chanda stated that Zesco was treating Zambians in a cruel manner. How rich is Mr. Chanda!

Well Zambians! Judge for yourselves. Surely we can not allow Zambia to be in the hands of these incompetent leaders for the next one year.

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