Major PF ‘intellectual’ ethnic cleansing ..

……..and purge goes into overdrive.

PF has embarked on a massive purge of perceived UPND members especially the Bantu Botatwe tribal grouping that comprises of Tongas, Lenje and Ila.

Traditionally related groups to the Bantu Botatwe, the Lozis, Kaondes , Luvales, Lundas and Solis and all those presumed to have relatives who are perceived as influential and vocal on media platforms like the social media are being targeted for coordinated career purge.

Our investigation so far has proved that a big number of innocent Zambians are being victimized either because they are suspected to be sympathisers of the opposition or they are from what is termed as the ‘wrong tribes’.

As a consequence,several citizens are being retired in ‘national interest’, an acronym synonymous with what has been commonly identified with ethnic victimisation in order to make way for friends, relatives and kinsmen for the politically powerful in the PF.

A conservative estimate indicate that :
Foreign Affairs has retired 300, Home Affairs 250, Army 1200, ZAF 700, Police 970, ordinary civil servants 3101, parastatals 1297 and Medical doctors 17.

The ripple effect on organisations such as ZESCO are too visible to see as a massive retrenchment exercise has reached Armageddon proportions to the extent that the brain drain has now affected the normal operations of the company resulting in massive load shedding due to incompetent leadership and substandard engineers.
The agriculture sector has also suffered massive brain hemorrhage as only people interested in ‘consumption’  and not production have been the ones left to to look after the sector.

As a post script, it is relevant to add a few words about the phenomenon known as tribalism. So much has been talk about regarding tribalism in Zambia. It must be stated that it is not a historical inevitability.  It cannot be traced to ancient hatreds or warfare from cultures clashing over the ages. In fact most tribal groups had little contact with one another before the coming of the colonialists. Accordingly, Zambia’s tribalism is a relatively new phenomenon. It is a product of a perverse political culture that has just sprung up in very recent times. In the last six or seven years to be precise.

Tribalism in Zambia if allowed to flourish will indeed be a major stumbling block to democracy as well as the socio-economic development of this great country. If allowed to take root it will provide an avenue via which state goodies and favours will trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen. Therefore, loyalty to tribe will be given ever greater relevance than loyalty to the country.

I countries where tribalism has taken root, it is responsible for a lot of ills such as underdevelopment, corruption, rigging of elections and violence. There is also no meritocracy as people are given jobs based on tribe regardless of having low qualifications. Hence the inefficient use of available skills. Bad governance and lack of accountability is also linked to tribalism as people will never question a government run by their tribesmen: even if it makes mistakes they remain supportive of it firmly and blindly. It is a scourge that has no room in any modern society and we urge the people of Zambia to reject it outright and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

One Comment on “Major PF ‘intellectual’ ethnic cleansing ..”

  1. Vilifier
    December 28, 2016 at 2:56 am #

    Something puzzles me is that when a southerner votes for an accomplished economist and business man he is seen to be more tribal than an easterner who votes for a political survivalist who is a failed lawyer. That’s the bias I don’t get.


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