This is why you should resign minister.


Joyce Nonde

Dear Editor.

Why is Joyce Nonde fuming? Why has it become personal for her? I suppose that’s what the ACC will have to figure out if they have guts at all.

Our concern is that on what legal grounds does a minister justify arresting Mika Mwambazi and disclosing her information to the public.

Again where in the world has a Department of Labor sought to arrest a person who filed a complaint? At this point we don’t care what they couldn’t find that the Human Rights Commission found at this restaurant..

The reason why you should resign minister, is that you used your own lips to disclose the name of a person who filed a complaint and asked for their arrest, where in the world have you ever heard of such lunacy. This person supplied  information about a possible offense being committed , contrary to the laws of the Republic of Zambia. The informant ought to be protected and the information provided followed up.

This then also begs the question, since when did ministers become investigators prosecutors and judges ?

The matter in which minister of Labour Monde exposed her ignorance, arrogance and total incompetence is a sure show of how the PF cabinet incompetently manages our country

That’s why you should resign!!

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