Lungu defying the constitution-impeachment is in order.



Fraudulent and illegal president Edward Lungu has continued to defy the constitution he himself assented to early this year and made it into law. This is the worst disposition any leader in the world can sink so low to. While one can politicise and lie about five hundred thousand (500,000) jobs for youths which never were, a leader of a nation cannot sink so low as to be defying the constitution which the entire nation holds in high esteem though it was amended beyond recognition by the PF contrary to their aspirations.

Former Minister of Commerce Margrate Mwanakatwe’s  seat as Lusaka central MP was nullified. Even her appeal to resist the nullification was thrown out. Therefore, she is not only no longer an MP but also no longer a minister. Even she must appreciate the situation at hand. The fact is she was fraudulently elected as proven by the overwhelming evidence produced during the petition in the courts of law. As a leader she must hung her head in shame that sh continues pretending that her seat has not been nullified. when all is said and done, this is what shows that there is no integrity in the present PF leadership, state resources continue to be abused and nothing is being done.

The same shameful position applies even to one professor Nkandu Luo. One would think the ones carrying the highest level of education in the world would lead by example and just show some integrity and dignity and leave office with their heads held high, but alas education has not added any value to morals on the part of the so called professor. A serious case of functional illiteracy.

The PF has enough elected and undisputed MPs whose seats are still standing, save the calibre of the holders, but at least they can serve face and appoint other MPs to ministerial positions. This can only be allowed by the head of state, unless of course the aim is to maintain and stick to his likeness in being fraudulently elected.

President Lungu is defying the constitution yet again. This man seems to continue in this undesirable way like he has done in several other incidences:

1-This is the man who defied the law by allowing Ministers to hold onto their ministerial posts and kept them in office even after parliament was dissolved prior to the 2016 general elections.
2-This is the same man who did not handover the instruments of power as Head of State, to the speaker during the presidential election petition as required by the constitution;
3-This is the man who as commander in chief of the armed forces of Zambia, has directly intervened in not having two police officers to be arrested. the officers are now criminals unless proved otherwise by the courts of law as they have shot and killed one innocent citizen and have recently maimed another law abiding citizen who were simply expressing their right for freedom of association, needless to say, this right is enshrined in our constitution. The two officers executed these unlawful acts in two separate incidents.
4-This is the man who has publicly stated that his ministers are corrupt, but has at the same time stopped the Anti Corruption Commission of Zambia from commencing the desired forensic investigations on all the corrupt ministers. In fact if he was genuine about fighting corruption, he would the one handing over the names of the suspects to the ACC after suspending them.
5-this is the same man who is now acting directly against the courts by not abiding by their rulings in the cases of the two Ministers Mwanakatwe and Luo whose seats have been nullified,

The list of Mr Lungu’s defiance is disturbing and does not reflect well on a nation. Infact Lungu’s stance erodes democracy and actuates dictatorship. The young Zambian democracy that we as citizens cherish is being mutilated before our eyes and the majority of us are just watching. The level headed MPs, if indeed representing the masses, must stand up to show leadership and promote rule of law by using their powers in parliament.

The courts ruled against the two MPs’ appeals i.e. Mwanakatwe’s and Nkhandu Luo’s. It is therefore against the law that they should go round as ministers. The duo are illegally occupying the public offices and must vacate them immediately. In one of the recent ZNBC News clips, the newscaster refers to Mwanakatwe as minister, which is wrong. But then of course we know what this so called broadcaster stands for.

Lungu has defied the law on far too many instances. For once, we agree with Chilufya Tayali that impeachment of this president, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is in order. This is a challenge on law makers in the house of parliament, to stand up for the people they represent, and move a motion to impeach the incompetent, visionless and now abuser of office of Head of State of our be loved nation.
Details of grounds on which the president can be impeached on shall be in the next article.

One Comment on “Lungu defying the constitution-impeachment is in order.”

  1. Komando
    December 27, 2016 at 12:04 am #

    impeach lungu


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