Poor PF policies damaging the mining sector.

The ever changing, unstable and myopic vision-less PF policies have badly affected the mining sector in Zambia.

The mining sector still remains the biggest formal employer in Zambia, after government, and contributes more than 50% of country’s GDP.

In 2016 alone, the sector was dogged with great difficulties. One of them being the insufficient power supplies. The coming online of the earlier supposed 300 Mega Watts (MW) of power from the new Maamba Thermal Power Plant was not to be. The plant struggled to operate at 50%  capacity only and produced 150MW of which 120MW was sold to other users (though still not enough) to cushion the crippling electricity shortage.

The power shortage resulted in less production in the mining sector and consequently less revenues and inevitably the loss of over 10,000 jobs and a large number of livelihoods dependent on the sector and probably another 3,000 secondary jobs in industries dependent on the mining sector. This flies in the face of and is  directly opposed to the “rhetorical song” the PF rode on into power of creating 500,000 jobs for the youths.

The inconsistencies in policies by the PF Govt, the low power supply and specifically non payment of VAT Refunds have combined to  hampered increased production in this sector.

The vision-less leadership in the PF , whether they like it or not, are the sole cause of multiple job losses and  they have lamentably failed to foster on realistic and tangible solutions. Other nations whose economies are majorly dependent on copper mining and have better policies, move on without much economic depression as Zambia has experienced in the last five years.

It is obviously clear that due to poor, incoherent and inconsistent policies, the PF government is solely responsible for the great suffering most Zambians are going through now. The PF are busy chanting slogans and making pronouncements that do not translate into positive outcomes to add value to the ailing and bleeding economy of Zambia. Poor PF policies are taking  the Zambian economy backwards systematically. Now we know the real meaning of dununa reverse.

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