As the year turns over, Zambians must remain aware of the hard facts

1 – Economic solutions require realistic solutions and not pronouncements. The PF government has lamentably failed on this score. They continue to make worthless pronouncements that and empty and have no substance, a reflection of the calibre of people we have running things.
2 – The Zambian people must forget about the promised fuel price of k5 per litre as it will never come. Instead we need to brace ourselves to a long and hard 2017.
3 – This PF government is less likely to alleviate poverty but enhance it. This can be easily ascertained by its record to date. Vision-less, clueless, corrupt and generally have no idea.
4 – The continued so called infrastructure development being pursued by the PF is nothing but a money siphoning scheme. The Eurobond and the other large sums of money borrowed by this PF government have had very little to show for apart from stories of looting and plunder. The illegitimate president himself has admitted that his ministers are corrupt. Well, are you going to do something about it Mr president? We don’t think so.
5 – Until a genuine and serious leadership takes over, Zambia ‘ s economy shall continue to collapse. While some countries in our region are growing, Zambia continues to go in reverse, thanks to the vision-less PF government.

Goodbye 2016, welcome more misery in 2017.

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