100% Inreases on tarrifs on road toll gates – PF dununa reverse.


Toll Point

In the quest to squeeze blood from already struggling citizens, the uncaring PF government has effected the 100% tariff increase on all trunk road toll gates from k10 to k20 with effect from 1st January 2017.

A large number of motorists complained about this astronomical increase, but in their usual sure style the PF has launched even police PF cadres who are in the forefront calming down motorists. “It will be okay, Muzajaela noibsla”, said one PF police officer. Meaning, it shall be alright you will get used and forget.

The Zambian citizens are being taken for granted and on an economic ride by the PF government.  We note with dismay that the focus, by the PF government has been that of milking all the little hard earned money from citizens. This is done to fatten their already bulged pockets.  These few minions  are now so brazen that their acts of daylight robbery are now more vivid in this PF government than ever before.

The failed PF government model is surely taking a toll on citizens. Zambians must awake and start preparing to boot this den of looters from government and take charge of their own future without fear or favour.

The true colours of a Visionless leader are now emerging. No real tangible mitigations are on the horizon. It is still, dark and gets more gloomy  by the day.

The unreasonable increase in the road toll gates, by 100% by the PF failed government, further pushes up the cost of living indirectly. It compounds to the already unbelievable increase in fuel the PF effected immediately after clinging onto power in the election they clearly stole in August 2016.

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