Why Mugabe hates HH and other Zambezi people.

Tongas of Zimbabwe occupy the most productive parts of the country. The areas are Victoria Falls, Date, Hwange, Lupane, Binga and Kariba. These people are the most oppressed in Zimbabwe. These areas generate power, tourism, coal, diamonds, Uranium, Timber and wild animals. Needless to say these areas are occupied mainly by Tongas, Nambis (lozi) and and to a small extent, the Ndebeles. Mugabe Hates these ethnic groups to the core for reasons only known to himself and maybe RB and Lungu. He has translated this same hate to the Tongas and other Zambezi groups across the boarder. Mugabe fears that once Tongas or others like the Lozis take over in Zambia, then it will cause Similar groups like those in Northern Botswana, Northern Nambia, and off course the Ndebeles, Tongas of Northern Zimbabwe to be emboldened. Mwanawasa knew this man, that is why he was critical and wanted him gone. We do not need these kinds of people who have pure hate and oppress others. Lungu is in the same category of people who hate others because in his twisted small mind they are somehow privileged or for being different. Rupiah  Banda is obviously his surrogate. We as Zambians refuse ti be haters of any grouping in our beloved country. This country is for all to enjoy and feel free in. We still believe in ‘One Zambia One Nation.’

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