Zambia a rich country…..


Natural Resources.

The resource rich endowed central African state, Zambia has recently been battling economically. It is also classified as one of the most likely to be the most hunger stricken countries in the world this coming year.

The greatest enemy for Zambia as a state is itself,  specifically its leadership. A poor Vision-less leadership leads the nation nowhere. Zambia has not optimized its natural resources from bare arable land to minerals and human capital.

Zambia can do better as proved by the early days of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and later by late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (SC) – RIP. The dual proved, that at independence and way after the horrible mismanagement of the first 10 years into multi democracy, it was possible to tap into the abundant wealth in this our  beloved country and actually start to grow.

Zambians must demand for accountability from those they elect into public office. The era of indifference has to end and all politicians, especially those in power, must be accountable. After all we, the Zambian people, are the ones that put them in office and they are answerable to nobody else by us. They have to marshal all available internal resources and provide a better life for all 15 million Zambians. It’s doable it’s possible and it’s all attainable. it has been done and can still be done as long as there is vision and foresight. Leaders must provide a Better LIFE4ALL. This is a decent reasonable and deservedly fair demand.

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