Namibian president complains to Lungu over Dora Siliya’s insatiable appetite for sex with married men.


Siliya with Mike Tyson in Las Vegas

Some Zambian women and their insatiable appetite for sex especially marriage interference has been taken to another level by Dora ‘Bokosi’ Siliya who has caused the marriage of the Daughter to Namibian President to be on brink.

As usual Dora is right now hitting it out with Mark Mubalama, husband to Nangula Geingos who is the daughter to the Namibian President Geingos.

Mark and Nangula got married on 13th August, 2016 but their marriage is now on rocks as Lungu’s Agriculture Minister has taken over and is now sleeping with Mark in the US hotels.

Zambian Eagle has obtained selfie pictures of Dora Siliya and her new lover Mark after their sexual encounter at a named US hotel.

Meanwhile, Namibian President has written to Edgar Chakolwa Lungu to complain and warn his Minister over marriage interference.

The Namibian President complains that her daughter is no longer enjoying her conjugal rights due to Dora Siliya’s interferance and that he will not tolerate such.

And his daughter has threatened to travel to Zambia and commit suicide here if Dora Siliya does not stop marriage interference.

Dora Bokosi Siliya is Zambia’s Agriculture Minister but currently making love with other people’s husbands in the US as Zambian farmers cry for farming inputs and now army worms are attacking their fields.

As Zambian Eagle is reporting, Dora Bokosi Siliya is now in Vegas making love with her toy boy, leaving Zambia with all sorts of problems in the Agricultural sector.

Just yesterday Dora Bokosi Siliya was seen taking pictures with his sexual partner and Mike Tyson, the former heavyweigh box in the US.

While relaxing after their sexual encounter, Dora was the first one to take a picture with Tyson  and the boxer and later had a picture taken with her sexual partner Mark.

(Source Zambian Eagle

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