PF’s wrong policies endangering the future of this country by failure to provide education…

We have always stated that the PF leadership have wrong priorities in running and managing our country’s resources meant for key sectors such as education, health and agriculture.

The recent case where thousands of vulnerable but deserving children have been denied government support through the bursary or loan scheme at the universities clearly vindicates what we have been saying for a while now. Their failure to appreciate the role that education plays as an equalizer in any socciety is mindboggling to say the least.

We therefore question how the PF can allow a situation where huge expense go towards expanded and increased government ministries at the expense of educating the country’s future generation. This is being myopic and it says a lot about the calibre of people we have in government.

Another clear example of misappropriation and misuse of public resources is where Edgar Lungu and a huge delegation of his party cadres charter private jets globetrotting at huge expense to the Zambian taxpayer, all a sign of shortsightedness and incompetence. Going to and fro without thinking does not improve ones capacity to reason, plan and street the country in the right direction.

These trips he and his cadres have been undertaking have so far not benefited the country in any shape or form but have instead put money in a few pockets  in the form of ill gotten allowances.

In our view, such huge sums of money spent on these extravagant trips, would be channeled to sponsoring vulnerable children into universities sothing that Lungu and his cheer squad are oblivious of.

Even worse, it is very clear that even the few students who have been given the bursaries or loan schemes only managed due to their connections and relations with those in the PF inner circles while the deserving vulnerable children have been denied this opportunity making them become without hope for the future.

In the interest of our country, we still insist that Lungu reduces expenses by cutting the size of his bloated cabinet and allocating more money to Education and other deserving sectors such as the country’s ailing Agriculture.

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