Stop being cry bables and deal with the army worms.


Army Worms

The PF should stop playing ping-pong with people’s lives and instead deal with issues of governance with the seriousness they deserve.

It’s shocking that instead of meeting the issue of Army Worms the PF has elected to trivialise the matter by firstly politicising the matter and then more recently stating they will pray for the Army worms.

Minister of National guidance and Religious Affairs Rev Godfridah Sumaili yesterday called on the church to pray against army worms.

It’s sad that they have chosen to drag the lord’s name in matters that can be resolved by average human intellect that was gifted to mankind by God.

We cannot continue to hide behind the name of God even when we have the power and the ability to resolve an issue. This failure to manage the invasion of Maize fields by Army worms has nothing to do with God.

It has everything to do with a government that lacks foresight and has no aptitude to manage disasters. This, as a matter of fact, is not the first time we have heard this from this clueless government. Rememder the last time they were asking as to pray for the Kwacha to gain strength and for the economy to improve. That made them a laughing stock internationally.

Government has a mandate to resolve and deal with issues that border on food security and should not pretend as though it’s something supernatural.

It is now abandantly clear and we are aware that the PF government has embarrassingly failed to manage the invasion of army worms.

We have credible information that they are distributing inadequate chemicals which are not enough to eradicate  these nasty worms. This is not only incompetence but plain irrisponsible.

As if this is not enough, we have also received reports that this chemical is being misappropriated by those tasked with the responsibility of distributing it. They are allegedly stealing it with the aim of reselling. This is a mentality that has trickled down from the top leadership that lays emphasis on gain for a few at the expense of the majority.

It is a fact that this government has no will to improve the agricultural sector and those that live by it fot their own twisted reasons.

Firstly they distributed the farming inputs late and instead of fixing the problem they went on an onslaught to blame innocent Southern Province chiefs.

This is despite the fact that different government officials gave contradictory statements on the cause of the late distribution of farming inputs.

We now have a food catastrophe looming and we urge the PF to face the problem head on and stop being cry-babies.

That’s the reason they are in Government, to offer solutions to problems affecting the Zambians and not to finger point. In the final analysis the buck stops with them. They are in govermnent.

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