Kambwili v Lungu… eligible or not for president in 2021.

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Kambwili V Lungu

Roan Constituency Member of Parliament on the Copperbelt Chishimba Kambwili has strongly opposed President Edgar Lungu’s View that he qualifies to stand in the 2021 election.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Byta FM News, Kambwili alleges that President Lungu has no plan for the people of Zambia as evidenced by his focus on who qualifies to contest the presidency on the ruling party ticket.

Kambwili charges that Zambians are currently faced with numerous challenges made worse with the rise in the cost of living and only a person without a plan for the country would start focusing on the 2021 elections.

The former Information Minister says no one in the PF should waste people’s time now and start talking about who qualifies to stand in 2021 instead of focusing on developing the country.

The blunt talking MP says PF was just recently re-elected into office and for President Lungu to start talking about the elections that will take place some five years away is being unfair because this is the time to sort out problems Zambians are facing.

On Thursday President Edgar Lungu declared his intention to stand in 2021 claiming that the constitution allowed him to do so.

Speaking when he arrived on the Copperbelt, the head of state said he was aware of all what was happening in the region.

He added that he had read the constitution and was eligible to stand in 2021 challenging individuals who feel they are bigger than the party to resign.


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