Ministers- enough! pay our money back.



It’s almost six months ago that the ConCourt ruled that, the then President Edgar Lungu erred grossly when he allowed his boot-licking ministers to remain in office when their mandates had expired in May 2016. To date there has been no effort to get them to pay back. Talk show Minister of Finance Felix Mutant Mutati is also mute on the matter and appears to have joined the boot-licking procession..

Edgar Lungu must for once in his myserable incompetent lying life do the right thing by the people of Zambia and allow the court ruling to be implemented. All ministers who stayed in office by following blindly a blind man at law after parley was dissolved must pay back to the government all the emoluments they received illegally.

The ConCourt clearly ruled that the ministers were not supposed to remain in office after parliament was dissolved and in any country where there is even a semblance of the rule of law, the court’s decision would have long been implemented. Edgar Lungu announced through his mouthpiece the Daily Mail  that he had read the constitution and that it was alright for the ministers to remain in office. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pretend lawyer who also happens to be an illigitimate president.  He further made a mockery of the opposition and LAZ over the matter marely exposing his ignorance of the law. Lungu’s inability to read and interpret the law is worrying and also an indication of how much of a fraud of a lawyer he is. No wonder he is the fraud of a president that is illigimately in statehouse after fraudulently Usurping the presidency through rigging and corruption.

Chief fraudstar, illegal and incompetent lawyer Edgar Chagwa Lungu cannot read and understand the law. When all is said and done, this man has a very chequered past. He approprieted money illigaly from his clients and was duly found guilty by the courts of law and later disbarred and banned from practicing law. And as president he misled the nation prior to the August elections and allowed his boot-licking ministers to stay in office illegally. Lately he has foolishly been making utturances that indicate that he wants to further flout the law and contest as president for the third term.

Without shame, Edgar Chagwa Lungu is now seeking a THIRD TERM. He is again embarking on a  path he is well  familiar with, that of ignorance and fraud. Mr President, if you have failed to interpret the law which thus far is the case, hire someone who can.

Lungu is taking Zambians for granted and must stop this nonsense of insinuating that he is eligible to contest for the third time as president. Edgar, his advisors and his lawyers all seem to have been in the same class and somehow missed the lesson on how to read the constitution well. Now he is exposing his ignorance and showing that he has no basic understanding and interpretation of the constitution. He has been flouting the law and taking Zambians for granted within the last 20 months one too many times.

Zambians have swallowed enough of Lungu’s lies. He is now tempting them for the third term. Lungu is a con artist and cannot be allowed to ride on the seeming docility of the Zambian population. He should ask the then supporters of late FTJ whose third term was hooted out and away from the presidential race.

Following his  misinterpretation of the law, Lungu allowed his ministers to stay in office. Now  he states he is eligible to contest the election in 2021. Lungu is not good for Zambia. These pronouncements he has been making are dangerous and a recipy for chaos. Lungu must be stopped at all costs or he will destroy mother zambia .

So when all is said and done all the ministers must pay back the tax payers’ monies they got illegally back to the treasury and their boss fraudulent President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, must shut up on the third term and focus on working out a vision at least for himself for the remaining years of his tenure as illigimate president.

One Comment on “Ministers- enough! pay our money back.”

  1. Chiwale
    January 9, 2017 at 8:03 am #

    These thieves cannot have enough. The fact is with the aid of an ignorant president with the law Edgar Chagwa Lungu, they misled themselves and used up our monies with impunity illegally. Now they must pay back our money.


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