Zesco MD – Clean while in the dirt ?


Mundende:  is he clean?

It’s ironical that in the midst of all his purportedly “dirty management” Mundende himself, presiding over Zesco as MD, deems himself clean. Looks like everyone else is incompetent, dirty and corrupt but himself.  Where is collective management? Where are the dependent work-lines? How can the Managing Director at the helm of an institution, embattled with continued poor performance and poor service delivery, still claim to be an outstanding performer, clean, smart and sleek while all his directors are dirty, incompetent, corrupt and useless enough to be ditched and trashed at a flicker of his finger.

Where was their supervisor Mundende when all their incompetencies were being unveiled? Where was he when all the long term mess so far created was being tombed up? It’s totally immoral that Mundende must remain clean when the buck stops at him.

Mundende is too incompetent to declare all but himself so. He is the one who appointed, worked with and kept those he today slams as incompetent at a goal and at once. How long did it take him to discover that he had appointed useless directors and offload them at all at once. While it’s true that some directors were indeed useless it’s immoral to play a “smart-card” by Mundende when he is the most useless MD for Zesco Zambia has ever had.

All his career life he worked  an instructor at the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC). He instructed in a classroom setup in training not in the plant, operators of power stations from the region. This man never worked or practiced power engineering at all. During his long episode there he spent 70% of his time drunk. What a mess Zambia is in. This perhaps fits well in the mould of his  appointing authority.

Truth be told, Victor Mundende is an incompetent man not worth of an MD. He is just a smart crook. He has also proven to be the worst Managing Director Zambia has ever had. He hangs even far below his predecessor.  He is known to have been buying off money loving crucked Ministers in order to maintain his position.

Recently he bought a number of second hand vehicles at brand new prices. Before elections he bought several land cruisers of which many are still missing. One of his henchmen, a driver, he used in this theft named Jimmy, was found owning two brand new land cruisers.

If a driver could help himself with two $70,000 dollar machines, how much loot has Mundende the crook gotten away with? Tell us Mr president, ultimately the buck stops with you.

One Comment on “Zesco MD – Clean while in the dirt ?”

  1. Chalwe Musonda
    January 15, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Aka kamuntu. Useless as he is sure sticking on. This is the worst MD Zambia has ever had for the Power Utility. In Order of effectiveness and focus on the ball:

    1. Robinson Mwansa – best MD ever
    2. John Kaluzi – tried to put up from nothingness
    3. Ernest Mupwaya – started loosening up the chains of real utility
    4. Rodney Paul Sisala- no value added just let run what Robinson Mwansa left
    5. Cyprian Chitundu- Cadre mentality without real work
    6. Victor Mundende – chief political cadre without direction


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