Pilato pilots and plots his Conscience

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He’s saying that unless you sing the PF praise song, you won’t get help, you will die of hunger, and deprivation. Unless you bow you can’t reach the ground, unless you extend your hand with a begging bowl at the expense  of your conscience , you risk being left behind by the gravy train. If you can’t beat them, join them regardless of whether its in  the public good.

What a pathetic ideology,especially for a leader in the performing arts and an advocate for free speech. What then was that all about? Fighting for a principle can never be understated. That is what brings about change in any society

Pilato is now an accomplice of  the very reasons he had  decided not to join the PF. The children that die due to lack of drugs because of PF corruption are his victims too. Mothers dying at childbirth everyday due to poor staffing and lack of good medical facitlities. The suffering miners on the copperbelt that have lost  their jobs because of the government ineptitude and lack of foresight. He is an accomplice and yes he now has blood on his hands whether he likes it or not.

How can you beg a leopard to change its spots? How can you beg a viper to rid it’s venom? How can you seek the lenience of an avalanche? How can you tame a Tsunami? How can you change the epicentre of an earthquake?

An principled artist the other day stood her ground against the bullying and mediocrity of Donald Trump. Meryl Streep chose to stand with the truth against the incoming President of the United States, undoubtedly the most powerful human being on earth.

Pilato’s betrayal makes me more resolved that the fight is intense and  it makes me more determined to be the last man standing. Its not for the weak and faint hearted.

We shall overcome, even without the departed Pilgrim and without Pilato. Peter denied the lord three times. Pilgrim Pilato and Peter are names of betrayal to a cause, a worthy cause.

Am I hurt by Pilato’s action? Of course I am! Am I discouraged? Hell no!! The struggle continues and victory will surely come.

One Comment on “Pilato pilots and plots his Conscience”

  1. Kenneth
    January 10, 2017 at 10:51 am #

    Which victory will come?


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