Mangani trashed by PF & Lungu


Mangani spotted on public transport two days ago.

Barely four months after the elections, opportunist, political prostitute  and former Home Affairs Minister, Lameck MANGANI has  been sidelined and trashed away in the PF’s political dustbin.

This is despite the fact  that he sold UPND information for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver to the PF prior to the 2016 August elections, obviously with the hope that he would be ‘rewarded’.

MANGANI is a good study case and example of what PF can do to myopic individuals like this betrayer. By discarding Mangani like a used condom, the PF has demonstrated to all Zambians it’s true intentions and colours.

Further its clear that the PF’s aim to have temporal  affiliations with  money mongers like Mangani is to use and dump them. They use people for political expediency and then discard without compuction.

The embattled former minister is a sellout and typical political prostitute who cannot  be trusted and he deserves this treatment.

Mangani frequented the UPND’s leadership specifically HH’s & GBM’s residences for handouts. He has proved both to himself and all genuine Zambians that he’s a mere con who does not stand for anything significant in Zambian politics. Even the useless PF have no use for him.

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