What is a “Ferocious” accident?


Fake Doctor Kambwili

The queen’s language has a saying. “Whatever goes up must come down”. The saying does not say MAY come down, it just states MUST come down. Today Kambwili is almost down but not yet.  Unfortunately for him he flew too high, too fast for his weight that the fall may be disastrous and perhaps more ferocious that his recent accident.

CK Ulimbe, ukose, uyume mambala. Do you know how many innocent people died  as a result of the stolen election that you helped to manipulate? How  much hurt you, without shame or remorse, caused when you mocked everyone in the opposition? You were just a monster to many but of course to ECL you were just a dull fake doctor to use for his dirty work and later discard as one would a pile of rubbish.

Where’s Mapenzi Chibulo today? A young lady who left behind a child, and the Unza student who was murdered as a result of tribalism which you vigorously and unashamedly promoted on tree and mountain tops? CK these curses were put on you by none other than yourself. They have now come back to haunt your every move.


CK’s accident 

You must first apologise to the  Zambians you divided along tribal lines, then your misfortunes may just leave you if you are lucky.

It’s now becoming a risk to fly on the same plane with you because you are cursed.Warning to all:  Please make sure you avoid flying with CK. He is a flight risk as the air around him is haunted and cursed.

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