Zambia Police haunding the innocent because they have no witnesses.

In desperate moves to get a conviction against the leaders of the biggest and most formidable opposition political party in Zambia, the UPND and the party’s leaders namely Hakainde Hichilema (President) and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (Vice President), the incompetent PF police have resolved to try and force one Brian Mwiinga to stand as a state witness.

The young man is being haunded by the unprofessional and corrupt Zambia Police top brass and some over zealous juniors to force him to testify against his boss. How low can our country get? Leave the young man alone and concentrate on issues that really affect the country and not try and protect one man’s illigitimate so called election victory.

Brian has noted with fear that state agents could be following him. The young man says the police messengers are offering big jobs on condition that he stands as a state witness in Hakainde Hichilema’s and Geoffrey Mwamba’s case in Luanshya.

Mwiinga, who is Hichilema’s deputy press secretary, recounted how some named state agents had over the past few months been urging him to go to Police headquarters to receive court summons. Since when was a court summons collected and not delivered?.

“I am not safe, I am being followed and threatened. They want me as key witness, imagine, to testify against HH and GBM. They have no witnesses in the Luanshya alleged unlawful assembly case,” Mwiinga said.

“Recently, some people broke into my house, got my hard drive, flash, phone and TV. They were looking for data but didn’t find anything on those things. I suspect they sprayed us with a sleeping chemical because we never heard them; they got into the house quietly without damaging anything and went through several doors and [went] straight to the gadgets which had remained in the living room. Earlier, these state agents tried to persuaded me to accept a job as press secretary in any country of my choice or be offered a job at ZNBC.”

He said he could not betray Hichilema over a job.

“I refused, stating that I am comfortable with what I am doing. A state agent named Bwalya was the one sent first, he is the one who arrested HH and GBM. He even said, ‘we will send you in foreign service like we did to Rupiah Banda’s niece,’” Mwiinga said.

He said he told the state agents that he could not be witness to things he did not know.

“Now this is tantamount to corruption and bribery which I refused and told him (Bwalya) that I cannot be a witness over something I know nothing about. Bwalya said if I refuse as a voluntary witness, he does not know what will happen to me. Now that statement may even mean killing me,” Mwiinga narrated.

“So far, some state agents that have been calling me and issuing all those statements and threats are a Bwalya, a Mambwe, a Hamweene and a Shonga. They have all been set on me and have been calling me that I go to force headquarters and receive summons from room 111 but I have been refusing. My lawyers advised that they should deliver the summons to my lawyers and not me.”

He wondered why police officers and state agents were ordering him to report to force headquarters to receive court summons without them recording any statements.

“I am also surprised that force headquarters should be summoning me instead of the court. In any case, I am not aware of agreeing or recording a statement that I will be a state witness in any case,” Mwiinga said.

“I am being threatened and my life is in danger because I can get the anger and intimidation by these agents when they call me. For example, Shonga says ‘we don’t have time’. Is it my fault that they don’t have time? I am wondering how many people or witnesses these state agents have threatened. They have been following and trailing me. Bwalya said it was also up to me to tell President Lungu through him what I wanted done for me.”

And according to a phone conversation recording obtained, a police officer identified as Hamweene asked Mwiinga to report to the police headquarters and receive court summons without fail.

“My name is Hamweene, I am calling from police headquarters. There is a summon, I want to serve a summon to you. You are supposed to attend court on 17th January 2017. Your number is not 09…what is your phone number? Yes you are the same number I am calling; I have your summons from police headquarters,” Hamweene said.
When Mwiinga expressed ignorance on what he was talking about and asked why he was being summoned, Hamweene said, “No you are not being summoned, you are going to attend courts, you are a witness, you are not aware…in the case of Mr Hakainde Hichilema and Mr Geoffrey Mwamba, you know the issue, the Luanshya issue. You are supposed to attend courts in Luanshya. So I have this court summon and I want to bring it to you. The procedure is that the police serve people with court summons because we are the ones who know them…let me get back, may I get back to you sir after a while.”

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