A mockery of democracy

The Zambian government under the PF government has made a mockery of the Zambian democratic system on several fronts and the to that end they have neutered the judiciary. The democracy of a nation is rendered useless when the judicial system is compromised and the PF government under Lungu has literally  rubbished the entire judicial system to the point where justice is more often than not, denied.

The PF government has refused the presidential petition to be heard through the ConCourt and the judiciary through its compromised juges used technicalities to stifle the entire case. Sadly once outstanding judges like Palan Mulonda, Mungeni and Sitali literally made a mess of themselves by proving sellable. What a mockery of the judicial system! Where in the world does that happen? In a case that would have set Zambia apart in its handling of election disputes, the case was trivialized and reduced to technicalities much to the dismay of the entire nation and the international community. In case the judges have not noticed, this case has brought total ridicule on the Judiciary system from both in and outside of this country.

Without proper investigative skills and without the ability to build up cases , the PF prosecutors and the cadre infested police service are literally manufacturing evidence and  bribing witnesses to support their unfounded cases on behalf of the state. They are busy flauting and baiting large sums of money to hungry Zambians to try and lure them into providing false information as state witnesses.  What a sham of a judicial system and in turn of the democracy we espouse.

In the quest to silence the opposition, Lungu and his minions through the cadre police service have gone amok literally arresting numerous citizens perceived to be members of the opposition. To date over 3,000 Opposition members are in detention and in government jails. The court processes are all meddled with political interferences by the failed PF government. The entire judicial process is a mess and is there pretty much to serve its illigimate appointing authority.

What the jugdges and the entire judicial system need to understand is that because of their actions borne out of greed and self interest, they have now become complicit with the government and have put Zambia’s young and fledgling democracy at realt risk. The  PF is using government systems to destroy democracy in Zambia. The thuggery that we have witnessed of late testifies to the nature of the PF government and to compound it all , the judicial system has gone to sleep putting civil rights at risk. this cannot be permitted to go on unabeited as it is destroying the country we all love.

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