KBF gives a thinly veiled warning to Lungu:


Kelvin Bwalya

Today I celebrate the life of a gallant Son of Africa Laurent De’sire’ Kabila one of the courageous men in Africa, it’s now exactly 16 years since he was shot dead by his 19 year old body guard Rashid.

Kabila and his child soldiers walked 2,000 Kilometres to Kinshansa to oust longtime dictator Mobutu Sese Seko who had turned Congo’s economy into his personal bank account.

The West didn’t see the arrival of this Marxist leader in a favorable light.

About 3 months before President Kabila’s death, he had his long time friend and ally Masasu discreetly assassinated in Pwetu.

Kabila feared Masasu’s popularity might overshadow his. Masasu was the one who had recruited most of Kabila’s child soldiers and later body guards.

When Masusa was killed the body guards who Kabila had treated badly with meager salaries received the sad news with alot of frustrations.

Not long after, Kabila was shot dead with 6 bullets in his chest.

Lessons I learnt from Kabila’s assassination is that;
1. Never despise people who are loyal to you or who help you get on top.
2. Our true enemies are not external but the ones we dine and wine with.
3. Never ever forget or change when you get on top.

Post Script.

The PF has been on a journey too. Lost Sata on the way and now Lungu is at the helm of it. To persecute colleagues like they do not matter is dangerous. Today it’s Kambwili, tomorrow it’s KBF, after that it’s Lubinda and so on and so forth. Lungu is not a God that he should mesmerize the entire PF. His time to stop being president will certainly come. It is the HOW that screams the loudest.

Disgruntled PF Member.

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