Lungu’s pathological hate for HH will endanger national security.

16106050_1389389654445114_8494507926904806852_nI haven’t watched ZNBC (which ‘conspiracy’ theorists have dubbed as ‘Deadnbc’) for the  reasons of PF political pollution on the Corporation, it’s staff and Board.

If what I have read on social media is true that Edgar  Lungu is giving a condition that he will not be standing for ‘reelection’ in 2021 as long as HH also stands down as UPND President is true, then I am with due respect to the PF President, beginning to doubt his intentions and his mental faculties.

This kind of thinking sets a dangerous and reckless path on the governance rhythm of this Country.

Edgar Lungu shouldn’t use HH to indirectly arm twist and short circuit his PF Party by giving conditions that his own members have no power to change. They have nothing to do with the UPND.

It’s clear for all to see that his Party which he has turned into the infamous ‘mukwasu’ organisation, is deeply split because of his insatiable appetite to reign forever. He shouldn’t shift and divert the attention to HH and the UPND. Let him deal with the looming insurrection and rebellion in his Party.

Edgar Lungu is craving for adulation in wrong places at wrong times for wrong reasons.

The Zambian constitution is very clear on the matter at hand. Yesterday it was “if you disagree with my intentions, go to the constitutional court for interpretation…”, today it’s “unless Hakainde also steps down…”

Always passing the buck! What kind of man is this? What kind of divisive leadership is this? Is this Nation safe under this kind of governance? No direction, no consistency chimbwi no plan type of leadership. This is becoming embarrassingly and irritating.

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