Lungu is corrupt


Recent revelations on the state of corruption and looting of resources in Zambia have brought out more deep and saddening findings. It has come to light that President Edgar Lungu has been merely roller skating on the corruption scandals taking place under his nose while making noses that he he dealing with it. This is so because ECL himself is proactively involved and sits at the helm of this corruption mess. Lungu barely falls short of his current mentor’s (RB) total corruption rating. Rupiah Banda has so far been found to have been the most corrupt President Zambia has ever had. But at the current rate, Lungu may surpass RB his mentor.

Lungu has failed to deal with corrupt individuals masquerading as government civil servants and/or quazi-government officials including but not limited to the listed below. Know your government resource looters:


Edgar Ngoma


Victor Mundende (MD Zesco)


Yamfwa Mukanga (Former Minister)


Dora Siliya (Minister),


Given Lubinda



Chishimba Kambwili (Former Minister)


Harry Kalaba (Minister)



Jean Kapata (Minister – now can even afford gambling in casinos)




Christopher Yaluma (Minister)


download-12Kaiser Zulu (Presidential Political Adviser)


Amos Chanda (State House Civil Servant)

And the list goes on of other known looters in the PF. These minions must be held accountable for the plunder of the country’s fanancial resources that they have continued to accumulate.

All the named above individuals have been identified because they have accumulated unexplained wealth which cannot be matched to their incomes in the last five years since PF took over government. Most of their wealth is obtained through coercion, kickbacks, literal grabbing of government contracts, price and rates inflation when providing goods and services through dummy companies that they own by proxy and/or just through naked acts of corruption.

Lungu has been overrun by these corrupt minions and rendered useless and compromised regarding his ability to deal with rampant corruption in Zambia. He himself has now been identified as one of those externalizing funds through purchasing of properties abroad. He has bought a number of properties in the Arab World especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We shall continue digging and will reveal more at a later stage.

So, the bottom line is that Lungu has no capacity to deal with these cancerously corrupt individuals as he himself is now corrupt to the core. This is sad and it gives no hope to common Zambians who have to deal with the reality of daily struggles. The rhetorical talk on corruption by Lungu is just cheap uselesstalk to facilitate more looting as he continues to hoodwink Zambians through his fake humbleness.

Just like the listed looters above, Lungu is a crooked President focusing on looting from the same economy he should have been saving from collapsing. His self-confessed status of lacking a vision maybe the main cause of this sad state of affairs for Zambia.

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