Education ministry, school administration in a state of slumber as students are sexually abused at Kasama girls high school..

We have read with absolute horror the sickening story of the sexual abuse (We would dare call it rape) allegedly by staff and auxiliary staff, of underage learners, of Kasama girls.

Equally absolutely horrifying is the forced abortions and HIV infections that these young girls have been subjected to by the perpetrators of these sexual crimes.

The Head of the School and the administration must be suspended and made to account for these crimes. How could such activities escape the attention of the Headmaster? How come the School Management Board or PTA have not noticed these evils at the school for such a long period of time? These questions beg an urgent answer. Above all where is the so called minister in charge of education. He seems to be in a deep slumber enjoying the trapings of his Minsterial portfolio and not paying attantion to what is going on in the schools he is looking after. When all is said and done the buck stops with you minister. The incompetence that is on display at the moment in this PF government boggles the mind.

It prompts one to ask how safe our daughters are in these boarding or aptly put, abortion schools. This is  obviously the tip of the iceberg for it may not be Kasama girls only.

Ministry of Education should have a well equipped rapid response committee to investigate such sexual abuse and statutory rape in Schools. It must be mostly composed of women from across the board of the general citizenry. Women are more trustworthy, thorough and ruthless to perpetrators of such ugly crimes.

Heads must roll at Kasama girls and they must roll NOW!

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