Lungu gives a thinly veiled order to victimise suspect UPND members in civil service

Edgar Lungu is quoted as having ordered PF to stop victimising Tongas in Government and quasi Government organisations “because not all Tongas are UPND…” What a statement!!!

Pundits are interpreting this as an ironical all out order to go after suspected UPND members whether Tonga or non Tonga as they are percieved to all belong to the opposition. He said this  at a gathering he addressed in Chipata while capaigning for a third term. He obviously is taking Zambians as fools and thinks that we cannot see through his pathetic plot. This is discriminatory and dangerous because whether UPND or FDD or any other political party for that matter,  Zambians are entitled to the same rights as those in the PF without any prejudice based on political considerations.

Lungu is first and foremost responsible for this discrimination because he encouraged his surrogates like Kambwili and Mumbai Phiri to intertwine Tongas and UPND as one entity, now he wants to wash his hands off this stereotypes.

He must take responsibility for the worsening ethnic relationships in the country instead of playing holy and innocent because he wants to get rid of Kambwili.

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