Nawakwi, are you serious?

images-12Edith Nawakwi blaming Economic standstill on HH  because of the Petition.What a shame.Again it’s a wrong to go to Court when you are aggrieved? She further alleges that HH did not have evidence.

We wonder why this Woman in her own wisdom decides to ignore what is just under her nose which is the Truth about the past Elections. She is acting as if she has just landed from another planet. She intends to gain Political mileage by shooting down UPND. What sort of Opposition is this that is busy day and night shooting down fellow opposition and yet the many wrongs being perpetrated by the Party in Power go Scot free and without scrutiny. The role of the opposition is to provide checks and balances to ensure proper governance and accountability.

We have a lot of Challenges as a People that need to be addressed by those that are in the Corridors of Power. And for tangible results to be seen, it is the duty of the Opposition to stand as a United front so as to make the Govt accountable. Educated as she is, the notion of the role of the opposition in a parliamentary democracy seems to be beyond her grasp. We suggest she educate herself.

She is an absolute disgrace to this great Country and she should be ashamed of herself. We hope the Citizens are reading between the lines and can see the lack of principle in her modus operandi. It is quite obvious that she is puting her hand out to the PF. It so happens (and we dont think this is a coincidence) that information is coming out linking her to the PF leadership begging them to fund her failing political party.

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