PF used Lusaka & CB pupils to dance’sontapo’ & ‘dununa’ instead of studying, while Southern excelled..

Southern Province has been used as political cannon fodder by every politician in the PF from the time of Sata to date.

PF politicians have used the region to gauge how high to the heavens their insults can get. If one wanted to gain popularity and recognition in the PF, just insult the Tonga people of Southern Province as cows and dogs and the anti Christ, then Deadnbc, ‘Times of Zombie’, ‘Daily Snail’ and Richard Sakala’s ‘Daily Nothing’ will give you stunning and tantalising 24/7 coverage.

Despite all this, the resilience of these amazing people has not been scratched one bit. Like Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high..”

The Tongas and all Southerners have continued growing their crops, tendering to their livestock and feeding fellow citizens with their agricultural products.

Their children have listened to all these insults and disparaging language on their parents but have not given up and instead have buried themselves in the daily chores of life, of looking after cattle, ploughing the fields but most importantly, STUDYING!!!

And they have attained the highest passing mark in the entire Nation. It’s some form of protest. “Insult our parents our culture and our  heritage, we will fight back, a good fight…and we will win…in the excellence of our books”.

Let’s not shy away from the fact that the PF used the youths of Copperbelt and Lusaka for dancing in political rallies. They gave them free Chibuku, Chitenges and caps….and oh yes…. they gave them exam failure. PF is responsible for this abysmal academic performance of Lusaka and CB Provinces. This is the textbook explanation of the word irresponsible, but then that is the hallmark of this PF government.

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