What’s Matibini doing in itezhi tezhi?


Matibini in Itezhi Tezhi

We all know that Itezhi tezhi is within the geographical boundaries of the Republic and any citizen has a right to visit the District at any time without any restrictions.

However when a disgraced and compromised man like the current speaker of Parliament Matibini visits the area in his official capacity, accompanied by a betrayer to his Party and former MP Greyhound Moonde, local people and indeed all citizens have a right to raise eyebrows.

The constituency seat  has been nullified by an equally compromised and disgraced Judiciary and it is understood Greyhound will re contest, so if Matibini is visiting Chiefs and local PF officials, isn’t that campaigning by the speaker? Is the Speaker in order, especially that we know he has no iota of neutrality whatsoever? What a disgrace to the office of speaker this man is. Lets just say that we have known people that have held this office and have at least practices a semblance of being incorruptible.

Mr Speaker Sir, Itezhi Tezhi is watching you!

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