Corrupt and incompetent CEO of REA Geoffrey Musonda



Hiding under the radar of being a staunch catholic our investigatory team have unearthed corruption in the Rural Electrification Authority.

Incompetent CEO for REA Geoffrey Musonda has employed his irrelevant clueless former classmate to bail him out of the financial doldrums at the insitution. Musonda thinks he could sneak his friend in without being noticed. (Name Withheld for now).

In the quest to try and subdue his incompetence, Musonda has justified hiring two consultants with the hope that they will redeem him because because both him and his Technical Director are incompetent. However, despite this step REA remains  one of the poorest performers in service delivery and meeting its objectives.

Musonda covered up the hiring of his friend by hiring another consultant to help supervise a minute number of projects with meager resources under a worped and directionless vision.

The Chairman of the dissolved board Professor Jolly Mwenechanya still rolls around on the wheels of luxury at REA by maintaining a REA vehicle serviced by REA way long after the board has been desolved. This institution is terribly incompetent with large holes of pilferage of resources and a CEO who can’t tell whether he is coming or going. Providing and servicing of vehicle to a board chairperson of a dissolved board is just crazy. Employing superfluous consultants to supervise meager projects to cover One’s incompetence is madness.

Now Musonda is literally using government capital funds to pay salaries because he has failed to raise funds from elsewhere. Being a non profit generating institution, REA cannot and should not divert capital funds from projects and convert funds to recurrent.

The failure by Musonda to perform at REA has raised eyebrows but somehow he has been maintained as CEO simply because he and his new minister are Luapula mafias. Typical PF modus operandi, this nation requires redemption.

More details on the dissolved board and hired fake consultants shall follow once more facts are verified.

One Comment on “Corrupt and incompetent CEO of REA Geoffrey Musonda”

  1. Chiwale Lubozhya
    February 9, 2017 at 8:12 am #

    So this karma Catholic priest is a thief! I had a lot of respect for this idiot. He charms you with his fake humbleness in those tuma fake suits from stolen money. Ba musonda you are a DISGRACE….


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