PF hound out poor Lozi man at ZRA for Laston Mumba their cadre.

The embattled PF Cadre and chief PF campaigner Laston Mumba who was recently fired by Victor Mundende from Zesco Limited as Director of Human Resources may be on the verge of landing hoimself another appointment at ZRA. The PF cadre in his full style comingled using his tribalist skills and looked out for any likely victim to replace in the overall quazi- government employment circles.

It would seem that Laston Mumba is now headed for Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) as Director of Human Resources. The current Human Resource Director Mr David Ndumba is being let go on the pretext that ZRA is not renewing his contract. Mr Ndumba’s contract comes to an end on 31st January 2017. Ndumba has performed well above average in his job and deserves a contract renewal.

Mr Mdumba is yet another Lozi man being purged by the PF government. This is despite Mr Ndumba’s unwaivering and vigorous support for PF prior to the 2016 general elections. Ndumba, like many other cadres, was seen in almost every corner of the country following Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the campaign trail. But after using him, the PF can now ditch him in their typical PF style in preference of a Bemba cadre.

This sad trend by PF to dislodge a lot of non Northerners and non Easterners in all fronts of employment is a serious backward step in uniting a country with an injured democracy. Instead, this promotes both regional and tribal hatred. The Southern Province chiefs have indicated their displeasure to ECL. His rhetorical runts on unity are fake. Lungu is not being honest as he has done nothing about it uniting thuis country. Innocent citizens are being victimized everyday by losing jobs on tribal lines.He is myopic individual who does not have the future of this country at heart.

This is a clear sign of poor leadership by the head of state. Of late he seems more preoccupied with eligibility to contest for the third term in 2021 more than dealing with issues affecting every citizen. Lungu is a danger to Zambia and will wreck this country if thes acts of trabalisim and lack of forsight and met with a wall of silence by the nation.

Lungu does not mean well and may destroy Zambia if allowed to continue ruling the nation with such ill intent and malice. Sadly it seems as though his drinking habits take precedence over the affairs of a nation. His lack of a vision for zambia is getting disastrously more dangerous than before. God save Zambia.

One Comment on “PF hound out poor Lozi man at ZRA for Laston Mumba their cadre.”

  1. Abdullah Musa
    January 29, 2017 at 5:38 pm #

    If Laston has to get the ZRA job, it is because he has too much information regarding the ZESCO MD that you have been seeing around. The job offer will be to shut him up from talking too much and exposing the dirty at ZESCO. It has all to do with his courage as a Bemba not to be trodden upon that easily. His utterances have sent shivers in government circles. Investigate more and you will get to know what Iam telling you.

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