Archive | January, 2017

Lungu is corrupt

  Recent revelations on the state of corruption and looting of resources in Zambia have brought out more deep and saddening findings. It has come to light that President Edgar Lungu has been merely roller skating on the corruption scandals taking place under his nose while making noses that he he dealing with it. This […]

A mockery of democracy

The Zambian government under the PF government has made a mockery of the Zambian democratic system on several fronts and the to that end they have neutered the judiciary. The democracy of a nation is rendered useless when the judicial system is compromised and the PF government under Lungu has literally  rubbished the entire judicial system […]

Where have you been?

Dear Editor, Please do not expose my email or name. This is to express my sincere gratitude for your coming back on line. I am a police officer serving now and cannot stomach the current state of the affairs in the nation and the police force. The current Zambian government has been slowly taking our citizens for granted by literally blacking out all independent news with opposing […]