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Nawakwi is now lost

Our once vibrant lady and potential president, Edith Nawakwi, one whom when she spoke all Zambians listened to and appreciated, now stands as a weathering wavering drying flower in the cold of dirty, unfocused and presents herself as shameful in the political arena without an appreciable position. Nawakwi seems to be opposing all opposition leaders […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,Post Please do not expose my email or name. This is to express my sincere gratitude for your coming back on line. I am a police officer serving now and cannot stomach the current state of the affairs in the nation and the police force. The current Zambian government has been slowly taking our citizens for granted by literally blacking out all independent news with opposing […]

Malawian Emily Sikazwe Sellout?

Former director for Women for Change Emily Sikazwe once stood tall for the people. She showed the world that she was a woman of substance. That she could neither bend nor sink low into mediocrity. Her position now is questionable. Her alignment to Lungu and PF mess is not only alarming but also an act […]

Stop the harassment of M’membe demands National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA)

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has called for the immediate and unconditional release of Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta and all those detained. In a strongly worded statement, NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim said his union wants to launch a campaign to boycott Zambian goods and to end South African trade with […]

2016 General election results were manipulated. Akufuna opens up! 

Former Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Officer Chris Akufuna has opened up and disclosed that indeed the just ended 2016 General Election results were manipulated. Mr. Akufuna has disclosed that the Presidential results for Chawama, Mandevu, Chitulika,Kanyama, Munali, matero and some parts of the copperbelt were changed. He says the results recieved by the […]

What is going on in Monze?

The latest pictures of Monze town in Southern province are shocking and at the worst disgusting. Monze may qualify as the dirtiest town in Southern Province. Southern province is predominantly UPND but Monze stands out as a very dirty town. The UPND is incharge of Monze town. The MP, Council Chairperson and all councillors are UPND […]