Dr. John Phiri eats humble pie as he accepts junior diplomatic post.

John Phiri begged the master to spare him even just the crumbs from his Kingly Table.

This is the man who claimed a blue eyed slot under late President Sata. In the corridors of the education Ministry, he would be heard proclaiming with belligerence to his subordinates,  how untouchable he was because of his special relationship with Chilufya Sata.

Phiri waved a ruthless iron fist on staff that he viewed as recalcitrant. His methods were crude, unorthodox and humiliating and were done in a public coliseum for all to see. When Phiri left the Ministry, staff breathed a sigh of relief.

Karma has its own way and waits for the right time to strike without notice. Phiri forgot that time is of essence during Parliamentary filing in. He decided to take one too many shots of whisky and instead of taking one more for the road he ended up taking two more, three more until his gradient steeped. The courageous electoral filing officer stood his ground and disqualified him.

Now Dr John Phiri has accepted a junior rank as Zambia’s High Commissioner to impoverished,  hunger stricken and corruption ridden Southern African Nation of Malawi, a position held by former ZNBC News Anchor, Henry Ngilazi.

To crown it all, John Phiri’s new boss is a former subordinate he desparaged and so badly harangued. He will be reporting to a Permanent Secretary.

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