Banks demand ZRA TPIN number in order to open personal account-Zambia becoming the most heavily regulated country in the world.

Dear Editor,
I was shocked to be advised by a Lusaka Commercial Bank this morning that I  couldn’t open a personal account unless  ZRA approved it via TPIN number. I was like “Oh my God, what’s happening to our country?”

Everything is being regulated by the PF. Government. The only Nation in our subregion that regulates what time to drive a truck or bus, with no positive results. A Nation whose President regulates which ethnicity is a danger to ‘peace’ and subsequently retire individuals  from Government employment based on which tribe they come from. A Government which wishes to regulate customary Lobola!

And now they want to peep into my account to see how I  spend my personal savings! Do they realise what they are causing? People will begin keeping money under their beds and thereby strangling the normal circulation of currency in the National economy. Meanwhile I went back home with my bag full of money to bury in the garden.

What a confused Government. They don’t seem to know which way is up!

Disgusted would be bank customer.

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