Exclusive: Pricilla Issacs confesses to rigging.

During a dinner meeting in Cape Town with two individuals known to us, Ms Priscilla Isaacs opened up  that the  greatest regret of her life was to listen to Lungu and rig the elections. She indicated that HH won the elections by almost 60% percent. She also indicated that she dreads the day the truth comes out. She went on and said the money she received has set her for life. She met the two individuals with a view to set up a company in South Africa. Ms Issacs went further to indicate that she is spending more time in RSA as the guilt is too much. She also fears for her life that as the truth comes out, she might be taken out by Shuushuushu so as to silence her.

This is what happens when one deals with individuals without a single shred of integrity and morality. Much as she was paid, she was used  and can be discarded now that she has done her master’s bidding. We hope her conscience and that of her cohorts at ECZ that were involved nags them  until the day they depart from the land of the living. That is the fate of cheats and thieves like her. She is whinging and complaining when she needs to spare a thought for the many Zambians that she has denied a chance for a better life under people that have a plan for this country. We have no sympathy for her.

By the way we have a recording of the confession.

One Comment on “Exclusive: Pricilla Issacs confesses to rigging.”

  1. Chiwale Lubozhya
    February 9, 2017 at 8:09 am #

    Why does the Zambian government employ foreigners in sensitive jobs?
    That Zimbabwean Priscilla must be dealt with in time. It does not matter how long it will take and it matter where and when. She is a corn and does not care about Zambia.


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