VJ Mwaanga gives red alert to institutionalised tribalism, but is there a conspiracy of silence by founding fathers?

vj-mwaanga-2014-624x361There’s irrifutable evidence available that the current Zambian Government is carrying out a tribal ‘purge’ against members of certain ethnic groupings that are being prematurely retired from their Government positions in ‘national interest’.

This official information is no longer a fallacy as Mr Edgar Lungu himself has given a tacit acknowledgement of the existence of the this problem.

That this is the zeitgeist and hallmark of the PF is no longer a matter of doubt to the readers and hearers of the time.

The subtle and sometimes open belligerent and bellicose rhetoric by Government and PF leaders has clearly set credence and legitimacy to this spirit of the moment that is overrunning the Nation to levels unprecedented and previously alien to this land.

Two days ago veteran politician and diplomat VJ Mwaanga released a statement where he openly called to question the conscience of the Nation on the matter at hand.

But Mwaanga seems to be a lone voice in the wilderness, as significant personalities and stalwarts that charted the early course, and commissioned the hearbeat of this Nation at Independence are largely quite and oblivious.

This impervious spirit by these old freedom fighters who are well placed to rouse the Nation back to its moral and  patriotic sensibilities is quite astounding and disturbing to say the least.

This inaction is being interpretated by many a watchman as the ‘conspiracy of silence’. The question would be why?

Is there a secret approval by those that bear special responsibility as a consequence of their unique placement in history and have subsequent authority to recall the Nation to order to an impending disaster on our hands as a result of the ethnic purge?

Or are they ‘tied’ to the so called sovereignty of a Government in power, to offer a moral compass and directions to the Nation?

To Quote John Stuart Mill “A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”

What ever the case maybe, this Nation is headed for danger unless men (and women) like Ambassador Mwaanga and all patriotic Zambians stand up and ask questions.

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