Legalising Street Vending: a myopic populist thought bubble.

images-4Following failure by the PF government to clean up the streets and provide even just a similitude of decency, the PF government in its usual style now chooses a populist line and wants to legitimise street vending.

Clearly this will make our towns even more dirty. The service infrastructure in the towns such as water requirements, public toilets, trading areas etc. cannot accommodate the undefined number of vendors to be ligitimised in the towns and cities they are proposing..

PF does not have a futuristic growth plan for our towns and cities that will involve real development but has short term populist so called policies. Everything about PF is short term. Could it be that they cannot think beyond the short term? In fact this so called policy is worse than  the most recent myopic very short term employment plan that PF used to dupe the people of Kabwe regarding mulungushi textiles.

PF is now portraying it’s true colours though we have always known what they are really like that they do not care about the well-being of Zambians. How can PF even think of legitimizing street vending when already the current status quo is a health hazard and retrogressive in nature?

Cry mother Zambia. Under the PF no serious development shall ever be witnessed. Even when it seemingly looks well, the colossal amounts of money siphoned from such by these corrupt crooks is just unbelievable. PF for Pathetic Failures.

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