What is going on in Monze?


The latest pictures of Monze town in Southern province are shocking and at the worst disgusting. Monze may qualify as the dirtiest town in Southern Province. Southern province is predominantly UPND but Monze stands out as a very dirty town.

The UPND is incharge of Monze town. The MP, Council Chairperson and all councillors are UPND but it would seem all are sleeping at the wheel. It is scary to imagine that all the people responsible in the town cannot take control of the administration and clean it up.

This is a bad sign. Is the Monze picture of what is expected in all towns should the UPND take over government? this does not bode well and needs to be addressed. The status of Monze is pathetic and cannot be allowed to continue without something being done. It is a heath hazard to say the least and cholera and such deseases are just around the corner especially with the good rains we are experiencing at the moment.

UPND should show cause why they cannot correct that great anomaly. The town lies right in the middle of the main transit route. Revealing all the dirt and all the chaos that this  un -managed town portrays. This is a sad story and an indictment on the opposition, it would be a fair act to show some responsibility and clean up Monze a once clean and vibrant town.

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