Without Fred M’membe, PF and Sata wouldn’t have entered state house.

downloadFor all those who think friendship is forever grateful, learn from the Fred M’membe and PF current fiasco.

Without Fred, PF wouldn’t have entered Government. Period!

UPND since Mazoka was nearer the reigns of power than MMD and the PF but for Fred M’membe who carried out a spirited onslaught against the UPND, it’s leadership and the Tonga tribe.

Fred patented the Bantustan theory, hired rogue UPND members like Madyenkuku, Nataala, Major Chizyuka and old Munkombwe to aide him in labelling the Party as a hopeless and irredeemable tribal enclave and far fetched dream and idea.

The ‘Post’ was powerful and almost sacrosanct. Who would dare tread near the ‘Post’s footprints?  Whatever the ‘Post’ published was regarded as gospel truth especially when social media was a distant reality.

Fred did not stop there. He went on to divide the media by challenging MISA Zambia as he spearheaded the formation of a splinter organisation called the ‘Post Freedom forum’ or something like that. His apparent aim was to ensure ‘credible’ news should only come from the ‘Post’ and a bit from State controlled media. Most donor funding headed towards this new organisation than MISA.

As a generous reward, Sata jettisoned a lot of ‘Post’ reporters in diplomatic postings.

I honestly from the bottom of my heart now sympathise with Fred. But it’s important for all of us to learn lessons from this experience.

Just because Fred did what he did doesn’t allow that his freedoms must be infringed upon, in a manner currently obtaining, especially freedom to his privacy and family.

PF are what they are; evil, unworthy, ungrateful and gullible. Governments change, but laws to protect citizens must not be shifted to suit stupid politicians. M’membe and his family must be treated with dignity and not humiliation

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